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The Issues

"We did not raise taxes and won't raise taxes on the residents of Northampton County. Our most important duty is to always do what is in the best interest of the taxpayers."
                                                   -Lamont McClure, Northampton County Executive
Pandemic Protection Plan

With Courage, Compassion and Confidence County Executive Lamont McClure has lead Northampton County through the most turbulent times in 100 years. 

He made sure front line workers and first responders had the PPE to keep county residence safe. He formed strategic partnerships with local hospitals to set up County supported COVID-19 Drive Up Testing sites. He provided aid to community partners to help relay important safety information about the virus to the residents of the County.

Most importantly Lamont McClure's Small Business rescue plan provided over $10 million dollars to over 750 businesses protecting jobs from the devastating impacts of COVID-19 to the economy. 

Kept Gracedale Open

Executive McClure has managed the Commonwealth's largest nursing home competently and safely as possible through the pandemic.


The home instituted rapid testing for staff and residents, created an isolation area to limit the spread in the home, provided PPE early to residents and staff to protect those in the home and the employees that care for the residents

The staff's management during the pandemic is a testament to the team at Gracedale and County Executive McClure's leadership of that team.

Our Future is Green

County Executive McClure has preserved more farms and Green Space than any county official before him. 

He has spent $12 million in the last 4 years to acquire land and stop warehouse proliferation from jamming our roads and highways and destroying our way of life.

County Executive McClure built a new state of the art forensic center with solar panels and green energy in mind. The county executive has also provided a $1.4 million matching grant to bring hydropower back to the existing canal system in Northampton County.

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